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Design of a Novel Fault Tolerant Reversible Full Adder for Nanotechnology Based Systems

  title={Design of a Novel Fault Tolerant Reversible Full Adder for Nanotechnology Based Systems},
  author={M. Haghparast and K. Navi},
  • M. Haghparast, K. Navi
  • Published 2008
  • Mathematics
  • Reversible computation plays an important role in the synthesis of circuits having application in quantum computing, low power CMOS design, bioinformatics and nanotechnology-based systems. Conventional logic circuits are not reversible. A reversible circuit maps each input vector, into a unique output vector and vice versa. We demonstrate how the well-known and very useful, Toffoli gate can be synthesized from only two parity-preserving reversible gates. Parity preserving reversible gates… CONTINUE READING
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