Design of a Mindfulness Virtual Community: A focus-group analysis

  title={Design of a Mindfulness Virtual Community: A focus-group analysis},
  author={Christo El Morr and Catherine Maule and Iqra Ashfaq and Paul Ritvo and Farah Ahmad},
  journal={Health Informatics Journal},
  pages={1560 - 1576}
Mental illnesses are on the rise on campuses worldwide. There is a need for a scalable and economically sound innovation to address these mental health challenges. The aim of this study was to explore university students’ needs and concerns in relation to an online mental health virtual community. Eight focus groups (N = 72, 55.6% female) were conducted with university students aged 18–47 (mean = 23.38, SD = 5.82) years. Participants were asked about their views in relation to online mental… Expand
A Mindfulness-Based Intervention for Student Depression, Anxiety, and Stress: Randomized Controlled Trial
During a university labor strike, the MVC program led to statistically significant reductions in PSS compared to the WLC group, but there were no other significant between-group differences. Expand
Randomized Controlled Trial of Mindfulness - Based Intervention For Student Depression, Anxiety and Stress: Observations on a Disrupted Campus.
During a university labour strike, the MVC program led to statistically significant reductions in PSS compared to WLC, but no other significant between group differences, indicating similar demographic and psychological characteristics across the M VC-WLC groups. Expand
Effectiveness of an 8-Week Web-Based Mindfulness Virtual Community Intervention for University Students on Symptoms of Stress, Anxiety, and Depression: Randomized Controlled Trial
An 8-week web-based mindfulness and CBT program in reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress and increasing mindfulness within a randomized controlled trial with undergraduate students at a large Canadian university found that online mindfulness interventions can be effective in addressing common mental health conditions among postsecondary populations on a large scale. Expand
Effects of Video-Guided Group vs. Solitary Meditation on Mindfulness and Social Connectivity: A Pilot Study
Findings suggest watching others meditate while meditating appears to most effectively induce a state of mindfulness and strengthen feelings of social connectivity, which supports traditional beliefs about the benefits of group mindfulness practice. Expand
Effectiveness of ICT-based intimate partner violence interventions: a systematic review
The evidence reviewed suggests that ICT-based interventions were effective mainly in screening, disclosure, and prevention, but there is a lack of homogeneity among the studies’ outcome measurements and the sample sizes, and questions addressing safety, equity, and the unintended consequences of the use of ICT in IPV programming are virtually non-existent. Expand
Exploring the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on women entrepreneurs in Pakistan
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to explore the impact of COVID-19 lockdown on micro-businesses owned by women borrowers of microfinance institutions and to provide policy suggestions to assistExpand


Examining the predicting effect of mindfulness on psychological well-being among undergraduate students: A structural equation modelling approach
Abstract In many countries, university students experience various stressors that may negatively affect their psychological well-being (PWB). Hence, they are at risk for physical and mental problems.Expand
An online guided ACT intervention for enhancing the psychological wellbeing of university students: A randomized controlled clinical trial.
The results suggest that an online-based, coach-guided ACT program with blended face-to-face and online sessions could be an effective and well-accepted alternative for enhancing the wellbeing of university students. Expand
Exploring The effects Of An online asynchronous mindfulness meditation intervention with nursing students On Stress, mood, And Cognition: A descriptive study.
Findings from this study may illuminate the usefulness of a mindfulness based stress reduction program offered to distance nursing students. Expand
A randomised controlled trial of a brief online mindfulness-based intervention.
Evidence is provided in support of the feasibility and effectiveness of shorter self-guided mindfulness-based interventions and significant group by time interactions for mindfulness skills, perceived stress and anxiety/depression symptoms. Expand
The Effects of Mindfulness Meditation: A Meta-Analysis
Previous meta-analyses on the effects of mindfulness meditation were predominantly concerned with clinical research. In contrast, the present study aims at giving a comprehensive overview of theExpand
Web-Based Self-Help for Preventing Mental Health Problems in Universities: Comparing Acceptance and Commitment Training to Mental Health Education.
The effects of the ACT-CL program on mental health outcomes and ACT process measures were largely equivalent to those of an education website, although there was a lower level of program engagement withACT-CL. Expand
Perceived impact of contextual determinants on depression, anxiety and stress: a survey with university students
The study found strong to moderate impact of several determinants on depression, anxiety and stress among Canadian students, and suggests a need to address a variety of factors affecting students’ mental health. Expand
Internet-based mindfulness treatment for anxiety disorders: a randomized controlled trial.
The study provided encouraging results for an Internet-based mindfulness protocol in the treatment of primary anxiety disorders and future replications of these results will show whether Web- based mindfulness meditation can constitute a valid alternative to existing, evidence-based cognitive-behavioural Internet treatments. Expand
Mindfulness-based stress reduction and health benefits: A meta-analysis
Abstract Objective Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is a structured group program that employs mindfulness meditation to alleviate suffering associated with physical, psychosomatic andExpand
Rural Latinos’ Mental Wellbeing: A Mixed-Methods Pilot Study of Family, Environment and Social Isolation Factors
This mixed-method pilot study highlighted how family, rural, and social environments can protect or impair wellbeing in rural Latino immigrant mother and adolescent dyads. Expand