Design of Ultra-broadband microwave sources based on ADF4350

  • Hui Xu, Liang Peng
  • Published 2010 in
    2010 2nd International Conference on Advanced…


In consideration of the requirement of miniature, high resolution and ultra-broadband on the frequency synthesizer recently, this paper presents a design of miniature ultra-broadband and high resolution frequency synthesizer. Based on the theory of PLL, ADI's wideband clock synthesizer ADF4350 with integrated a on-chip voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) is used to be the core component of the system to design a ultra-broadband microwave signal source with the bandwidth ranging from 800MHz to 4000MHz. The hardware circuit is described in detail, and simulation software ADIsimPLL is used to aided design the loop filter of the circuit. PLL lock time, noise and other important indicators are also analyzed in this paper. A microstrip balun is design to converse the differential balance outputs to an unbalance output. Spectrum analyzer is used to analyze the system, and the power of each frequency is stable which meets the requirements in the entire frequency band.

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