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Design of Sc-ECAL Prototype for CEPC and Performance of First Two Layers

  title={Design of Sc-ECAL Prototype for CEPC and Performance of First Two Layers},
  • YZ.Niu
  • Published 5 February 2020
  • Physics
As a future Higgs or Z factory, construction of the circular electron positron collider (CEPC) has been proposed to precisely measure Higgs bosons. A particle flow-oriented electromagnetic calorimeter (ECAL) and a hadronic calorimeter (HCAL) comprise a baseline design for the CEPC calorimetry system. The scintillator-tungsten ECAL (Sc-ECAL) prototype is being developed within the CEPC calorimetry working group. The Sc-ECAL is a sampling calorimeter consisting of alternating absorber layers and… 

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