Design of Parallel Prefix Adders using FPGAs

  title={Design of Parallel Prefix Adders using FPGAs},
  author={Ch. Cury and M. Nisanth},
  • Ch. Cury, M. Nisanth
  • Published 2014
parallal prefix adders are one of the fastest types of adder that had been created and developed. this paper investigates three types of carry-tree adders (the Kogge-Stone, sparse Kogge-Stone, and spanning tree adder) and compares them to the simple ripple carry adder and carry skip adder.these designs of varied bit widths were Implemented on a xilinx spartan 3E FPGA and delay measurements were made with a high performance logic analyzer .Due to the presence of a fast carry-chain,the RCA design… CONTINUE READING