Design of Multi-disease Diagnosis Processor using Hypernetworks Technique

  title={Design of Multi-disease Diagnosis Processor using Hypernetworks Technique},
  author={Jae-Yeon Song and Seung-Yerl Lee and Kyu-Yeul Wang and Byung-Soo Kim and Sang-Seol Lee and Seong-Seob Shin and Jae-Young Choi and Chong Ho Lee and Jeahyun Park and T Duck-JinChung},
In this paper, we propose disease diagnosis hardware architecture by using Hypernetworks technique. It can be used to diagnose 3 different diseases (SPECT Heart, Leukemia, Prostate cancer). Generally, the disparate diseases require specified diagnosis hardware model for each disease. Using similarities of three diseases diagnosis processor, we design diagnosis processor that can diagnose three different diseases. Our proposed architecture that is combining three processors to one processor can… CONTINUE READING