Design of Mobile Cellular Coverage in Tunnel Environments

  title={Design of Mobile Cellular Coverage in Tunnel Environments},
  author={Ram{\'o}n M a Ruiz Tarr{\'e}s and Florentino Jim{\'e}nez Mu{\~n}oz and Rafael Herrad{\'o}n D{\'i}ez and Jos{\'e} Mar{\'i}a Hernando R{\'a}banos},
When planning cellular coverage in special areas, as tunnels or indoors, the continuity of connections in progress in entrances and exits is a critical point. A wider overlapping concept is introduced as a method to include environment relevant elements, like existing network or the mobile channel, necessary in order to achieve a correct design. As practical example the analysis in tunnels of a high-speed railway line is presented, where a dedicated dual GSM/UMTS coverage system is designed… CONTINUE READING