Design of Miniaturized Telemetry Module for Bi-Directional Wireless Endoscopy

  title={Design of Miniaturized Telemetry Module for Bi-Directional Wireless Endoscopy},
  author={Hee Ju Park and Hyung Wook Nam and B. S. Song and Jung H. Cho},
A bi-directional and multi-channel wireless telemetry capsule, 11mm in diameter, is presented that can transmit video images from inside the human body and receive a control signal from an external control unit. The proposed telemetry capsule includes transmitting and receiving antennas, a demodulator, decoder, four LEDs, and CMOS image sensor, along with their driving circuits. The receiver demodulates the received signal radiated from the external control unit. Next, the decoder receives the… CONTINUE READING
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