Design of IPMSM Rotor Shape for Magnet Eddy-Current Loss Reduction

  title={Design of IPMSM Rotor Shape for Magnet Eddy-Current Loss Reduction},
  author={Se Young Oh and Sung Jang Cho and Jung-Ho Han and Ho Joon Lee and Gwon Ho Ryu and Dong-Woo Kang and Ju Lee},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Magnetics},
In this paper, an interior permanent magnet (PM) synchronous motor (IPMSM) with concentrated windings was designed for railway traction applications. This IPMSM was analyzed using a 2-D FEM. The results showed that the designed IPMSM has a significant PM eddy-current loss. For more accurate calculation, a 3-D FEM analysis was carried out. Further, the PM eddy-current loss was reduced without critical torque reduction by changing the position of the magnets at the rotor. Finally, frequency… CONTINUE READING

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