Design of Hybrid Solar Wind Energy System in a Microgrid with MPPT Techiques

  title={Design of Hybrid Solar Wind Energy System in a Microgrid with MPPT Techiques},
  author={D. Chinna Kullay Reddy and S. Satyanarayana and V. Ganesh},
  journal={International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering},
DC Microgrid is one feasible and effective solution to integrate renewable energy sources as well as to supply electricity. This paper proposes a DC microgrid with enhanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) techniques for wind and solar energy systems. In this paper, the PV system power generation is enhanced by introducing a two-model MPPT technique that combines incremental conductance and constant voltage MPPT algorithms. Also, for the Wind Energy Conversion System (WECS) with pitch angle… Expand
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