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Design of High Speed Flip-Flop Based Frequency Divider for GHz PLL System : Theory and Design Techniques in 250 nm CMOS Technology

  title={Design of High Speed Flip-Flop Based Frequency Divider for GHz PLL System : Theory and Design Techniques in 250 nm CMOS Technology},
  author={Harsh Joshi and Sanjeev M. Ranjan and Vijay Nath},
Design of High Speed Flip-Flop Based Frequency Divider for GHz PLL System: Theory and Design Techniques in 250nm CMOS Technology Harsh Joshi, Prof. Sanjeev M.Ranjan, Prof. (Dr). Vijay nath 1 2 Department of Electronics and Telecommunication 1 2 Disha Institute Of Management & Technology, Raipur, India Department of Electronics and Telecommunication, BIT Mesra, Rachi (J.H),, AbstractThe coexistence of different cellular… Expand

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