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Design of Fractional Order Differentiator & Integrator Circuit Using RC Cross Ladder Network

  title={Design of Fractional Order Differentiator \& Integrator Circuit Using RC Cross Ladder Network},
  author={Tanvi Tembulkar and Swati Nagnath Darade and Sangram R. Jadhav and Siuli Das},
In this paper the concept of „FRACTIONAL ORDER‟ element is reported. RC ladder network itself behaves as a fractional order element which is developed and the same ladder network is been used in Integer order differentiator and integrator circuit to make it „Fractional order differentiator‟ (FOD) and „Fractional order integrator‟ (FOI) circuit. The performance of FOD and FOI using RC ladder network is studied in both frequency & time domain. Same response is then compared with the performance… 

CCII and RC fractance based fractional order current integrator

Electrical circuits RC and RL involving fractional operators with bi-order

This article describes electrical series circuits RC and RL using the concept of derivative with two fractional orders α and β in Liouville–Caputo sense. The fractional equations consider derivatives

Measurement Units and Physical Dimensions of Fractance-Part I: Position of Purely Ideal Fractor in Chua’s Axiomatic Circuit Element System and Fractional-Order Reactance of Fractor in Its Natural Implementation

A novel conceptual framework on the measurement units and physical dimensions of fractance and rules for fractors in series and parallel is mainly discussed and the position of purely ideal fractor in Chua's axiomatic circuit element system is introduced.

Measurement Units and Physical Dimensions of Fractance-Part II: Fractional-Order Measurement Units and Physical Dimensions of Fractance and Rules for Fractors in Series and Parallel

This paper studied the fractional-order measurement units and physical dimensions of fractance and rules for fractors in series and parallel and uses the state-of-the-art mathematical method, fractional calculus, to analyze the proposed conceptual framework.

Fracmemristor: Fractional-Order Memristor

An interesting conceptual framework of the fracmemristor is introduced, which joins the concepts underlying the fractional-order circuit element and the memristor, and its non-volatility property of memory and nonlinear predictive ability is analyzed in detail experimentally.

Analog Circuit Realization of Arbitrary-Order Fractional Hopfield Neural Networks: A Novel Application of Fractor to Defense Against Chip Cloning Attacks

The main contribution of this paper is the proposal for the first preliminary attempt of a feasible hardware implementation of the arbitrary-order FHNNs for defense against chip cloning attacks.

Fractional-Order Euler-Lagrange Equation for Fractional-Order Variational Method: A Necessary Condition for Fractional-Order Fixed Boundary Optimization Problems in Signal Processing and Image Processing

The capability of restoring and maintaining the edges and textural details of the fractional-order image restoration algorithm based on the fractionAl-order variational method is superior to that of the integer-orderimage restoration algorithmbased on the classical first-order Variational method, especially for images rich inTextural details.

A Fractional-Order Variational Framework for Retinex: Fractional-Order Partial Differential Equation-Based Formulation for Multi-Scale Nonlocal Contrast Enhancement with Texture Preserving

The capability of the FPDE to preserve edges and textural details is a fundamental important advantage, which makes the proposed algorithm superior to the traditional integer-order computation-based contrast enhancement algorithms, especially for images rich in textural Details.

Fractional-Order Retinex for Adaptive Contrast Enhancement of Under-Exposed Traffic Images

The capability of a FR to non-linearly preserve complex textural details as well as desired contrast enhancing is validated by experimental analysis, which is a major advantage superior to conventional contrast enhancement algorithms, especially for UETI rich in textural Details.



Fractional-Order Systems and -Controllers

From fractal robustness to the CRONE approach

This article deals with the transposition of ''fractal robustness'' to automatic control. The considered dynamic model which governs this phenomenon is a non integer order linear differential

Fractional calculus application in control systems

Standard control systems can be characterized by type in the s-domain; typically these types are of integer order. Some of the implications of noninteger order systems in the s-domain are explored.

On the Realization of a Constant-Argument Immittance or Fractional Operator

  • S. Roy
  • Mathematics
    IEEE Transactions on Circuit Theory
  • 1967
Methods for realization of an immittance whose argument is nearly constant at\lambda \pi/2, |\lambda|< 1, over an extended frequency range, are discussed. In terms of the generalized complex

Mechanical properties and impedance model for the branching network of the sapping system in the leaf of Hydrangea Macrophylla

An electrical analogue model has been developed based on main leaf hydraulics characteristics and intrinsic geometry. The simulations show good qualitative agreements with specialized literature

Basic Characteristics of a Fractance Device

The non-integer integral and its application to control systems.

Practical application of digital fractional-order controller to temperature control

Prakticka aplikacia cislicoveho regulatora necelociselneho radu na riadenie teploty Prispevok sa zaobera praktickým navrhom a aplikaciou cislicoveho regulatora necelociselneho radu na riadenie

C . : “ Realization of generalized Warburg impedance with RC ladder network & transmission lines ”

  • J . Electroanal Chem .
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