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Design of Dual-band Graphene-Based Absorbers by Exciting Graphene Plasmon Polaritons: Circuit Model Analysis

  title={Design of Dual-band Graphene-Based Absorbers by Exciting Graphene Plasmon Polaritons: Circuit Model Analysis},
  author={Saeedeh Barzegar-Parizi},
  journal={arXiv: Applied Physics},
This article presents designing two dual-band absorbers based on graphene metasurfaces for terahertz frequencies. The absorbers are composed of one- and two-dimensional (2D) arrays of ribbons and disks deposited on a dielectric film terminated by a metallic back reflector. The design is based on the excitation of the graphene-plasmon polaritons (GPPs) of the patterned array of graphene elements in each resonant band. The analytical circuit model is used to derive the closed-form relations for… 



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