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Design concept for CLT - reinforced with self-tapping screws

  title={Design concept for CLT - reinforced with self-tapping screws},
  author={Peter Mestek and Philipp Dietsch},
Concentrated loads on Cross Laminated Timber elements (CLT) in areas of point supports or load applications cause high local shear stresses. Inclined self-tapping screws with continuous threads have turned out to be an effective reinforcement. As neither the German design standard DIN 1052 [2] nor technical approvals cover this construction method a research project funded by the AiF [3] was conducted to gather basic information for its application. These basics include the determination of… 
Self-tapping screws and threaded rods as reinforcement for structural timber elements – A state-of-the-art report
Abstract In timber engineering, self-tapping screws, optimized primarily for axial loading, represent the state-of-the-art in fastener and reinforcement technology. Their economic advantages and
Experimental and numerical analysis of the unreinforced and reinforced notched timber beam by a screw
Timber is highly anisotropic. It behaves differently in diverse directions. Tension and compression perpendicular to the grain present a low strength with respect to the ones parallel to the grain.
CLT-Steel Composite Floors for Sustainable Multi-Storey Construction
The outcomes of the study are that in a slimfloor arrangement with contemporary panels, beams and connectors, the composite enhancement is small but measurable, and that with changes and development to the system components, much larger composite enhancement effects could be generated.
Present and Future Tasks for Screw Joints in Timber Structures
Various kinds of screws are used for timber structures and they will become more and more popular fasteners in the future. In this article, I reviewed some domestic and international codes, standards
Providing the spatial rigidity of a multi-story wood-based frame building
Objective. The article deals with the problem of ensuring the rigidity of a frame wooden multi-story building and ways to achieve the necessary spatial rigidity, taking into account the requirements
Eighteen Storey Hybrid Mass Timber Student Residence at the University of British Columbia
Abstract This article outlines the structural design approach used for the Brock Commons Student Residence project, an 18 storey wooden building at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver,
Case Study : An 18-storey tall mass timber hybrid student residence at the University of British Columbia
This article outlines the structural design approach used for the Brock Commons Student Residence project, an 18-storey wood building at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. When
Étude du comportement et du renforcement d’appuis sollicités en compression selon un angle donné du bois lamellé-collé
L’objectif de cette etude est de comprendre le comportement d’elements en bois lamelle-colle sollicites en compression selon un angle donne incluant le renforcement par frettage de vis. Les resultats


Bemessungsvorschläge für Verbindungsmittel in Brettsperrholz
Seit einigen Jahren wird der aus kreuzweise verklebten Brettern bestehende Holzwerkstoff Brettsperrholz (BSPH) unter verschiedenen Bezeichnungen vermarktet. Brettsperrholz wird nicht nur als
Punktgestützte Flächentragwerke aus Brettsperrholz (BSP) – Schubbemessung unter Berücksichtigung von Schubverstärkungen
Die vorliegende Arbeit befasst sich mit der Schubbemessung von Brettsperrholz (BSP) bei konzentrierter Lasteinleitung und punktuell angeordneten Schubverstarkungen aus Vollgewindeschrauben. Fur die
Verstärkung von Bauteilen aus Holz mit Vollgewindeschrauben
Um die Nachteile der geringen Festigkeit des Holzes rechtwinklig zur Faser auszugleichen, werden im Rahmen dieser Arbeit Moglichkeiten zur Optimierung von kritischen Punkten in Holzkonstruktionen
Konzentrierte Lasteinleitung in Brettsperrholzkonstruktionen - Verstärkungsmaßnahmen
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SPAX-S Schrauben mit Vollgewinde als Holzverbindungsmittel; ABC Verbindungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Ennepetal, Deutschland; Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik
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Versagensarten des Holzes der Weißtanne (Abies Alba) unter mehrachsiger Beanspruchung
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