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Design and the domestication of information and communication technologies: technical change and everyday life

  title={Design and the domestication of information and communication technologies: technical change and everyday life},
  author={Roger Silverstone and Leslie Haddon},
Original citation: Originally published in Silverstone, Roger and Haddon, Leslie (1996) Design and the domestication of information and communication technologies: technical change and everyday life. In: Mansell, Robin and Silverstone, Roger, (eds.) Communication by Design: The Politics of Information and Communication Technologies. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, pp. 44-74. ISBN 9780198289418 
Chapter XXVII What Use is Domestication Theory to Information Systems Research
This chapter introduces and discusses domestication theory—essentially about giving technology a place in everyday life—and its relevance and importance to information systems (IS) research. The
Within the larger social shaping framework and with roots in media studies and anthropology, domestication theory explores how information and communication technologies (ICTs) are incorporated and
Toward a Rhetoric of Locale: Localizing Mobile Messaging Technology into Everyday Life
This article explores the social meaning of locale in mobile communication research and introduces an approach of user localization to study technology integration. It investigates how locale forms
Futures research, communication and the use of information and communication technology in households in 2010: a reassessment
The function of futures research and ways to embed domain knowledge in predictions are discussed and different contexts can be described in which the impact of specific technologies can be analysed, making use of the know-how of communication scholars.
Domestication and context: Studying objectification in print media
This article investigates into the domestication of communication technology through two cultural discourses, for one that of interior magazines and for two that of technology magazines. During
[End] Users as Designers: The Internet in Everyday Life in Irish Households
This paper presents a study of Irish households, the internet and everyday life. Social studies of technology draw heavily from anthropology, not only in ethnographic methodologies but also in the
From domestication to mediated mobilism
Domestication is an approach which considers media appropriation processes in detail, looking at media technologies as doubly articulated and integrated into moral economies. Originally developed for
Communication in the information society: ICT and the (in)visibility of communication science in the Low Countries
An overview of the state of the art of ICT-research in the Netherlands and the Dutch speaking part of Belgium is given from the perspective of communication science, and subsequently, a research agenda will be proposed.
The promises of iDTV: between push marketing and consumer needs
The push and pull dynamics of the introduction of interactive digital television and the discrepancy between promised and actual practices as lived by the audience are discussed.
Ethnography in public space: competence, communication and the research process
In conversations it is usually the something called ‘content of talk’ that is treated in this way, not the manner of talk, and certainly not the bodily stagings and ecological arrangements within


Design and the Domestication of Information and Communication Technologies : Technical Change and Everyday Life ’
  • 1996