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Design and the Domestication of ICTs : Technical Change and Everyday Life

  title={Design and the Domestication of ICTs : Technical Change and Everyday Life},
  author={Roger Silverstone},
It is becoming increasingly evident that technological innovation is not a matter only of production, and that consumption and use are essential components of the innovation process. It is also becoming increasingly evident that technological innovation is not a matter only of engineering, and that both new and old technologies are symbolic and aesthetic as well as material and functional objects. In this chapter we offer an account of the role of information and communication technologies in… 
User innovativeness in living laboratories: everyday user improvisations with ICTs as a source of innovation
What role can the ideas and practices of ordinary people play during the design and development of new ICTs? This PhD thesis aims to answer this question by investigating user innovativeness in
ICTs for Community Development: Bridging Conceptual, Theoretical, and Methodological Boundaries
The cross-fertilization and the range of disciplines included in this special issue result in a kaleidoscope in which different facets can be mixed, showing the individual, community, and societal aspects of community use of ICT for development.
Smart futures meet northern realities: anthropological perspectives on the design and adoption of urban computing
This thesis explores the sociocultural processes shaping the design, adoption and use of new urban technology in the city of Oulu in northern Finland. The exploration is conducted at experiential
Bad Enough Ergonomics
The article analyzes ergonomics as a social and cultural phenomenon, as something that is formulated and described by speakers in a specific social context; in a company that is specialized in
From “Plug” to “play” : Making established technology innovations work in caring services
The overall aim of this article-based thesis is to develop the knowledge base of public service innovations as a way of understanding established technology innovation in municipal caring services.
Design and the creation of meaningful consumption practices in access-based consumption
ABSTRACT Within the rising access economy, products that were traditionally owned are now accessed, shared, rented or swapped. A recent research has shown that access-based consumption, when
Opening the Blackbox of 'Fitness for Use': The Role of IT Implementation in Perceiving Information Quality
The role of adoption and adaptation of information technology in shaping and constructing the perception of information quality by information consumers is explained and the following mechanisms are suggested: adapting and domesticating a generic type of information information technology from other institutional contexts, experiencing context-specific information quality issues by using the appropriated information technology, and constituting the perceptions of information.
Exploring users' Interaction with Gendered Digital Assistant Applications
The main findings of this research suggest that users create meaning out of gendered digital assistant applications through experimentation with DAAs, previous technologies, society, gender stereotypes and artificial intelligence in science fiction.
The legal dwelling: how Norwegian research engineers domesticate construction law
The considerable amount of energy spent on the construction, maintenance, and demolition of buildings draws attention to sustainable development in the construction sector. Regarded as both tools and
Designing for Sustainability: Key Issues of ICT Projects for Ageing at Home
It is argued in this paper that it is helpful to conceptualize designing for sustainable IT-based solutions as taking place in a multi-dimensional space.