Design and synthesis of potent in vivo antagonists of oxytocin.

  title={Design and synthesis of potent in vivo antagonists of oxytocin.},
  author={Krzysztof Bańkowski and Maurice Manning and Janny Seto and J Assist. - Surgeon NlTAl CHURN Haldar and Wilbur H. Sawyer},
  journal={International journal of peptide and protein research},
  volume={16 5},
We have previously shown that the substitution of 8-ornithine and 2-O-methyltyrosine alone and in combination in [1-deaminopenicillamine] oxytocin (dPOT) brought about enhancements in antagonistic potencies to responses to oxytocin in vivo. To explore the effects of these substitutions in analogs of dPOT containing larger alkyl substitutents on the beta carbon at position 1 and on the tyrosine residue at position two, the following six analogs were synthesized: [1-(beta-mercapto-beta, beta… CONTINUE READING


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