Design and synthesis of multi-haem proteins

  title={Design and synthesis of multi-haem proteins},
  author={Dan E. Robertson and Ramy S. Farid and Christopher C Moser and Jeffrey L. Urbauer and Stephen E. Mulholland and Ravindernath Pidikiti and James D. Lear and A Joshua Wand and William F. DeGrado and P Leslie Dutton},
A water-soluble, 62-residue, di-α-helical peptide has been synthesized which accommodates two bis-histidyl haem groups. The peptide assembles into a four-helix dimer with 2-fold symmetry and four parallel haems that closely resemble native haems in their spectral and electrochemical properties, including haem–haem redox interaction. This protein is an essential intermediate in the synthesis of molecular 'maquettes', a novel class of simplified versions of the metalloproteins involved in redox… CONTINUE READING

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