Design and synthesis of Rho kinase inhibitors (II).

  title={Design and synthesis of Rho kinase inhibitors (II).},
  author={Masayuki Iwakubo and Atsuya Takami and Yuji Okada and Takehisa Kawata and Yoshimichi Tagami and Hiroshi Ohashi and Motoko Sato and Terumi Sugiyama and Kayoko Fukushima and Hiroshi Iijima},
  journal={Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry},
  volume={15 1},
In a previous study, we identified several structurally unrelated scaffolds of the Rho kinase inhibitor using pharmacophore information obtained from the results of a high-throughput screening and structural information from a homology model of Rho kinase. 1H-Indazole is one of the candidate scaffolds on which a new series of potent Rho kinase inhibitors could be developed. In this study, the detailed structure-activity relationship of 1H-indazole analogues was studied. During this study, we… CONTINUE READING

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