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Design and prototyping methods for brushless motors and motor control

  title={Design and prototyping methods for brushless motors and motor control},
  author={S. Colton},
In this report, simple, low-cost design and prototyping methods for custom brushless permanent magnet synchronous motors are explored. Three case-study motors are used to develop, illustrate and validate the methods. Two 500W hub motors are implemented in a direct-drive electric scooter. The third case study, a 10kW axial flux motor, is used to demonstrate the flexibility of the design methods. A variety of ways to predict the motor constant, which relates torque to current and speed to voltage… Expand
Characterization of Small DC Brushed and Brushless Motors
Abstract : Micro brushed and brushless motors of the size typically used on micro-ground vehicles and micro-air vehicles have been found to have very low efficiencies. This lack of efficiency notExpand
A Brushless DC Motor Drive Without a DC Link Capacitor
This study presents a simple model for a brushless DC (BLDC) motor drive operated directly from rectified mains without a DC link capacitor, and results convincingly indicate that the proposed buck converter based model is accurate and can be used as a design tool. Expand
A Computer-Simulated Environment for Modeling and Dynamic- Behavior-Analysis of Special Brushless Motors for Mechatronic Mobile Robotics Systems
Abstract: A computer-simulated environment for design and analysis of outrunners brushless motors and its validation by measuring the main parameters in real motors is presented. The simulationExpand
Design and Performance Test of Axial Halbach Brushless DC Motor with Power Density 1.5 Kw/Kg
Progress of technology on electric vehicle component sector is one reason the emergence of electric vehicles at the moment. Starting from battery which has a great current density up to the automaticExpand
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Development of a Coreless Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor for a Battery Electric Shell Eco Marathon Prototype Vehicle
Abstract This paper describes the development of an in-wheel Coreless Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor designed and built for the participation of the Aero@UBI team in Shell Eco-MarathonExpand
Development of a Modular Controller to Minimize Current Ripple in Low Inductance Coreless Permanent Magnet Motor
A development of a modular controller to minimize current ripple in a low inductance coreless permanent magnet synchronous motor (CPMSM) is described, which uses a 60 degree commutation scheme instead of the conventional 120 degree. Expand
Sequence Prediction of Firing Angle Bldc Motor Drive using Lookup Table
A lookup table for voltage selection has been designed to provide a faster torque response and steering control and speed control also developed. Expand
Universal Embedded Motor Control
A universal platform for motor control has been constructed and novel commutation algorithms are implemented on a digital signal controller to demonstrate their high power density and potentially very simple control. Expand
Feasibility of an Electric Jetpack
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Analysis of the Yokeless And Segmented Armature Machine
This paper presents a new type of axial flux motor, the yokeless and segmented armature (YASA) topology. The YASA motor has no stator yoke, a high fill factor and short end windings which allExpand
Finite Element Method Magnetics
Acknowledgements Thanks to the following people for their valuable contributions to FEMM: • Si Hang, for writing fast point location routines that greatly increase the speed at which FEMM evaluatesExpand