Design and prototype of a six-legged walking insect robot


Abstract Purpose – This paper seeks to develop a novel legged robot. Design/methodology/approach – First, the paper models the legged robot using 3D computer model by intelligent inspiration of biological principles. Then, based on this model, it develops the prototype of the legged robot. Findings – A novel motion mechanism is used and only two actuators are used for driving the system. Originality/value – The modelled legged robot is original in terms of the developed motion mechanism.

DOI: 10.1108/01439910710774412

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@article{Soyguder2007DesignAP, title={Design and prototype of a six-legged walking insect robot}, author={Servet Soyguder and Hasan Alli}, journal={Industrial Robot}, year={2007}, volume={34}, pages={412-422} }