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Design and optimization of eccentric shaft of pilger milling machine

  title={Design and optimization of eccentric shaft of pilger milling machine},
  author={A. Naresh Babu and P. Srinuvas and Mohammed yaseen Ahmed},
. The subject project is also an attempt to use modern day analysis software to optimize mechanical designs. Particularly the software has been instrumental in ideating modifications to address repeated failures encountered in a shaft analyzing and optimizing design. The genesis of the project lies in repeated failures encountered in eccentric shaft of Main Drive Gear Box (MDGB) of a pilger mill. The failure mode and root cause had been identified by NFC.The project has analyzed deeply the… 

Performance optimization of jaw-type rock crushing machine through shaft eccentricity redesign

The recurrent failure of jaw-type crushing machine was traced to an inappropriate external shaft ratio and frequent wear of the jaw of the machine. Current jaw-type crushing machines are designed and

Stress analysis of a Wankel engine eccentric shaft under varied thermal conditions

Abstract In this study, the eccentric shaft of a 13B MSP (Multi Side Port) single-rotor Wankel test engine was examined. The eccentric shaft was studied in two parts, both through modeling and



FETT AND MICK DEIS, “Contact Fatigue Tests and Contact Fatigue Life Analysis ”SAE

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