Design and lithographic performances of 193-specific photoacid generators

  title={Design and lithographic performances of 193-specific photoacid generators},
  author={Hiroyuki Ishii and Shinji Usui and Katsuji Douki and Toru Kajita and Hitoshi Chawanya and Tsutomu Shimokawa},
  booktitle={Advanced Lithography},
The improvement of the transparency of photoacid generators (PAGs) has an researchers' attention for 193-resist application. In this study, sulfonium salt was chosen as a target PAG. Triphenyl sulfonium salt (TPS) showing strong absorption at 193 nm was selected as a standard PAG. Starting from the ordinary compound, designing several 193-specific PAGs was attempted. Molecular orbital (MO) calculation was used for the estimation of transparency of PAGs. The calculated absorption results fit in… Expand
Ionic photoacid generators containing functionalized semifluorinated sulfonates for high-resolution lithography
To meet the challenges for resist materials raised by high resolution lithography technologies, tailor-made photoacid generators (PAGs) with controlled acid diffusion and improved miscibility withExpand