Design and implementation of kinematics model and trajectory planning for NAO humanoid robot in a tic-tac-toe board game

  title={Design and implementation of kinematics model and trajectory planning for NAO humanoid robot in a tic-tac-toe board game},
  author={Sebastian A. Nugroho and A. S. Prihatmanto and A. Rohman},
  journal={2014 IEEE 4th International Conference on System Engineering and Technology (ICSET)},
The ability of NAO robot to play tic-tac-toe board game using its hands is greatly determined by the kinematics model of NAO's arms and the use of trajectory planning for manipulation tasks. In this paper, kinematics models for NAO's upper body are presented. The forward kinematics models are designed by using the modified Denavit-Hartenberg convention. The inverse kinematics models of 5-joints NAO's arms are obtained by using analytical inverse transform technique in which provide unique and… Expand

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