Design and implementation of a social semantic digital library

  title={Design and implementation of a social semantic digital library},
  author={Maria Nisheva-Pavlova and Dicho Shukerov and Pavel Pavlov},
  journal={Inf. Serv. Use},
The paper analyzes some current trends of research and development in the field of digital libraries. The presentation is focused on the main features of two new generations of digital libraries - the so-called semantic digital libraries and social semantic digital libraries. The design characteristics, principles of functioning and some implementation details of a particular academic digital library have been discussed as an illustration of the suggested ideas. 

Semantic Search in Heterogeneous Digital Repositories : Case Studies

The paper analyzes the main aspects of semantic search and the corresponding features of some popular semantic search systems and the main techniques used for image and video semantic extraction are discussed.

A Linked Data-based Semantic Interoperability Framework for Digital Libraries

A linked data-based semantic interoperability framework for digital libraries, based on three layers, supporting the data acquisition, linked data publication process and the building of value-added services for the digital libraries users is proposed.

Towards Building a Semantic Repository of Bioinformatics Resources

The paper presents a work in progress directed to the creation of a semantic digital repository of scholarly resources in the area of bioinformatics. A special attention has been paid to the design

Digital library service model for predictive analysis of user satisfaction based on multivariate fuzzy logic

  • R. Mehta
  • Computer Science
    Digit. Libr. Perspect.
  • 2021
The user satisfaction criterion for qualitative assessment of timeliness and efficacy of digital libraries based on the multivariate fuzzy logic technique is evaluated to explore the efficient correlation between different parameters influencing the users’ behavior.



Building a Social Semantic Digital Library

The paper analyzes some current trends of research and development in the field of digital libraries. The presentation is focused on the main features of two new generations of digital libraries –

Conclusions: The Future of Semantic Digital Libraries

This section will spotlight on three of the most promising fields of applications: semantic museums, eLearning 2.0, and semantic digital libraries in enterprises.

Semantic Digital Libraries

This book presents semantic web-related aspects of current digital library activities, and introduces their functionality; they show examples ranging from general architectural descriptions to detailed usages of specific ontologies, and thus stimulate the awareness of researchers, engineers, and potential users of those technologies.

The Role of Ontologies in Semantic Digital Libraries.

This paper presents and discusses application areas where ontologies have successfully been used in existing semantic digital library systems and suggests ways to give users a uniform interface for searching over distributed digital assets.

A Semantic Web Powered Distributed Digital Library System

Talia is a innovative distributed semantic digital library, annotation and publishing system, which is specifically designed for the needs of scholarly research in humanities, strictly based on standard Semantic Web technologies and uses ontologies for the organization of knowledge.

The Delos digital library reference model : foundations for digital libraries

This volume presents the DELOS Reference Model by introducing the principles governing it as well as the set of concepts and relationships that collectively capture the intrinsic nature of the various entities of the Digital Library universe.

Ontology-based search and document retrieval in a digital library with folk songs

The paper discusses some aspects of a work in progress aimed at the development of technologies for digitization of Bulgarian folk music and building a digital library with Bulgarian folk songs

Formalizing ontological commitments

A formal definition of ontological commitment is presented which aims to capture the very basic ontological assumptions about the intended domain, related to issues such as identity and internal structure.

Digitization of Bulgarian folk songs with music, notes and text

The research that is carried out under this project aims at the development of a technology and corresponding supporting software tools for the creation and usage of heterogeneous institutional digital libraries in the fields of ethnology, ethnomusicology and folkloristic.

Formalizing Ontological Commitment