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Design and implementation of a digital filter for beat-by-beat impedance cardiography

  title={Design and implementation of a digital filter for beat-by-beat impedance cardiography},
  author={Yukio Yamamoto and Koichi Mokushi and S. Tamura and Yasuhiko Mutoh and Mitsumasa Miyashita and Hirotsugu Hamamoto},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering},
A digital filter for thoracic impedance cardiography was developed and implemented on a 16-bit personal computer after examining the effect of respiratory movement on the first derivative of the thoracic impedance signal. Four male subjects exercised with a cycle ergometer at 100 and 150 W successively, after resting for 5 min. Thoracic impedance and its first derivative (dZ/dt) were recorded by a standard four-electrode cardiograph. The peak-power spectral densities of the pneumogenic (P/sub p… CONTINUE READING

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