Design and implementation of SPIDER - A transportable image processing software package

  title={Design and implementation of SPIDER - A transportable image processing software package},
  author={Hideyuki Tamura and Shigeyuki Sakane and Fumiaki Tomita and Naokazu Yokoya and Masahide Kaneko and Katsuhiko Sakaue},
  journal={Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing},
SPIDER is a general-purpose image processing software package which consists of over 400 FORTRAN IV subroutines for various image processing algorithms and several utility programs for managing them. The package was developed for the benefit of extensive interchange and accumulation of programs among research groups. Thus, high transportability of software is emphasized above all in its design concept. In effect, all the image processing subroutines are implemented to be completely free of I/O… CONTINUE READING


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