Design and implementation of CCNY DC microgrid testbed

  title={Design and implementation of CCNY DC microgrid testbed},
  author={Mahmoud Saleh and Yusef Esa and Yassine Mhandi and Werner Brandauer and Ahmed A. S. Mohamed},
  journal={2016 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting},
This paper presents the design, control, energy management, and implementation of the City College of New York (CCNY) direct current (DC) microgrid laboratory testbed. This facility was custom designed and implemented by researchers at CCNY with minimal off-the-shelf components to enable significant flexibility and reconfiguration capability. The microgrid consists of renewable energy resources, energy storage system and controllable loads, and can operate in either a grid-connected or an… 

Modelling and Simulation of DC microgrid

A simulation model of the proposed DC microgrid is developed in MATLAB/Simulink environment for electrification of a small town, and acquired simulation results have demonstrated feasibility of the planned microgrid during operations.

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The objective of this paper is to reconstitute control switching to suffer minimal transients in the microgrid. The microgrid can be meant for the client to satisfy their needs and requirements; for

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The power control system is designed to maintain the voltage level that the critical load can work as efficiently as possible by creating an electrical system as a micro-grid system and using a PLC program for controlling and analyzing in realtime situations.

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Results of selected cases show stable transition between modes, verifying the validity and applicability of the proposed controller.

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A stable electrical grid model, in which a home with a Photo-Voltaic (PV) system and Vehicle to Grid (V2G) capable Electric Vehicle can operate in both grid-connected and islanded modes is proposed.

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A microgrid based on direct current (DC) was designed and simulated for a small island in Belize to reduce the amount of conversion losses between AC-DC and DC to allow for a cheaper and simpler system.

Optimal Control of CHP Plant Integrated with Load Management on HVAC System in Microgrid

In this work, the ratio between the electricity output and the thermal output is controlled, along with the demand side load management, so as to minimize the overall microgrid operational cost.

Communication-Based Control for DC Microgrids

An autonomous communication-based hybrid state/event driven control scheme is proposed, which aims at reducing the communication load and complexity, processor computations, and consequently system cost while maintaining reliable autonomous operation during all possible scenarios.

Impact of Communication Latency on the Bus Voltage of Centrally Controlled DC Microgrids During Islanding

This paper investigates the effect of wireless communication technologies latency on the bus voltage and performance of DC CCMGs and how to mitigate it and shows that the impact may be severe depending on the design, and the operational condition of the MG before latency occurs.



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This paper reports on the work of the CIGRÉ C6.22 Working Group, Microgrid Evolution Roadmap, which has recently finalized its first Technical Brochure. The Working Group was asked to identify the

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The CERTS Microgrid concept captures the emerging potential of distributed generation using a system approach. CERTS views generation and associated loads as a subsystem or a “microgrid.” The sources

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The simulation results verify that the proposed hierarchical coordination strategy is an effective and efficient way for coordinating microgrid flows in an islanded community microgrid, while maintaining the rated frequency and voltage with each microgrid.

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Distributed control of orthogonal current components among converters in an autonomous microgrid

  • G. DehnaviH. Ginn
  • Engineering
    2012 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE)
  • 2012
Power sources in a microgrid must be controlled in coordination with each other in order to meet optimization requirements and satisfy the operating criteria of the microgrid as a whole. Droop

Distributed Cooperative Secondary Control of Microgrids Using Feedback Linearization

This paper proposes a secondary voltage control of microgrids based on the distributed cooperative control of multi-agent systems. The proposed secondary control is fully distributed; each