Design and fabrication of Programmable Logic Controller Kit with multiple output module for teaching and learning purposes

  title={Design and fabrication of Programmable Logic Controller Kit with multiple output module for teaching and learning purposes},
  author={I. Burhan and S. Talib and A. A. Azman},
  journal={2012 IEEE 8th International Colloquium on Signal Processing and its Applications},
  • I. Burhan, S. Talib, A. A. Azman
  • Published 2012
  • Computer Science
  • 2012 IEEE 8th International Colloquium on Signal Processing and its Applications
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Kit for teaching and learning is developed based on the existing PLC Trainer that is not able to achieve the objective and learning outcome in enhancing the hands on skill aspect through circuit designing, installation and trouble shooting. [...] Key Method This PLC Kit is embedded with I/O module such as normally open push buttons, 24VDC motor, 24VDC relay, 24VDC solenoid cylinder and 24VDC lamp. This PLC Kit can be interfaced to various types of PLC controller such as Omron…Expand
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Newly developed PIC module is embedded with I/O module such as normally open push buttons, 12VDC motor, servomotor, LEDs light, LCD display, and seven-segment display and it is also user friendly. Expand
Multiple Outputs Programmable Integrated Circuits (MOPICs) Microcontroller Trainer for Educational Applications
Based on respondent questionnaire, it is show that on average of 92.59% agreed that newly developed MOPICs trainer is user friendly, safe and attractive to be used while 94.64% respondent agreed that there are enhancements in theoretical knowledge aspect and hands-on skill implementation in their learning process. Expand
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Development of electro pneumatic trainer embedded with Programmable Integrated Circuit (PIC) and graphical user interface (GUI) for educational applications
Based on Practical Work Assessment Form evaluated by the lecturers, there is an average marks of 40% and 40% of improvement on teaching and learning (cognitive) and practical's skill respectively when newly developed Electro Pneumatic Trainer were used by students during the learning process. Expand
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As the response to the feedback from academic and industry, the department of Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, University of Khartoum has successfully designed andExpand
Virtual learning environment concept for PLC-programming - case: Building automation
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Exploration on a New System of PLC Three-Dimensional Teaching
“electric control and PLC” is a specified course with much practicability. Its teaching content comes from producing practice. As the application field is extending, the content of courseware becomesExpand
Curriculum Document, Department of Polytechnic Education, Ministry of Higher Education
  • Curriculum Development and Evaluation Division
  • 2011
Design and Implementation of a Wireless Programmable Logic Controller System
There has been significant development in wireless technology which has enabled us to connect devices with conveniences. This paper makes an effort to utilize one of the wireless technologies ZigBeeExpand
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