Design and application of a lactulose biosensor

  title={Design and application of a lactulose biosensor},
  author={Jieyuan Wu and Peixia Jiang and Wei Chen and Dandan Xiong and Linglan Huang and Junying Jia and Yuanyuan Chen and Jian-Ming Jin and Shuang-Yan Tang},
  booktitle={Scientific reports},
In this study the repressor of Escherichia coli lac operon, LacI, has been engineered for altered effector specificity. A LacI saturation mutagenesis library was subjected to Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) dual screening. Mutant LacI-L5 was selected and it is specifically induced by lactulose but not by other disaccharides tested (lactose, epilactose, maltose, sucrose, cellobiose and melibiose). LacI-L5 has been successfully used to construct a whole-cell lactulose biosensor which… CONTINUE READING