Design and Prototyping of a Low-Cost Portable Mechanical Ventilator

  title={Design and Prototyping of a Low-Cost Portable Mechanical Ventilator},
  author={Abdul Mohsen Al Husseini and Heon-Ju Lee and Justin Negrete and Stephen Powelson and Amelia Tepper Servi and Alexander H. Slocum and Jussi Saukkonen},
  journal={Journal of Medical Devices},
This paper describes the design and prototyping of a low-cost portable mechanical ventilator for use in mass casualty cases and resource-poor environments. The ventilator delivers breaths by compressing a conventional bag-valve mask (BVM) with a pivoting cam arm, eliminating the need for a human operator for the BVM. An initial prototype was built out of acrylic, measuring 11.25×6.7×8 in.3 and weighing 9 lbs. It is driven by an electric motor powered by a 14.8 VDC battery and features an… Expand
Design of Low Cost Ventilator using Electronic Components
This paper describes the design of a low cost portable ventilator using electronic components. This portable mechanical ventilator is Arduino-based with a connected motor driver and having a MaxExpand
Design Construction and Performance Test of a Low-Cost Portable Mechanical Ventilator for Respiratory Disorder
Mechanical ventilator is a medical device which is usually utilized to ventilate patients who cannot breathe adequately on their own. Among many types of ventilators Bag Valve Mask (BVM) is a manualExpand
A Low-Cost Portable Mechanical Ventilator—A Conceptual Design
The conceptual design of a reusable, low-cost portable mechanical ventilator is aimed at attaining higher control on the number of operating modes and different parameters like tidal volume, breaths per minute, inspiration-to-expiration ratio, and positive end expiratory pressure. Expand
Design and Implementation of Ventilator for Breathing Apparatus
The ventilators that developed are the positive pressure ventilation type, the cycled volume mode and the controlled mechanical ventilation method (CMV), which includes an automatic ambu bag pressing mechanical system and a control system using the arduino microcontroller. Expand
Mechatronic Design and Active Disturbance Rejection Control of a Bag Valve-Based Mechanical Ventilator
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Partially RepRapable automated open source bag valve mask-based ventilator
Experimental results after testing on an artificial lung for peak inspiratory pressure (PIP), respiratory rate (RR), positive end-expiratory pressure, tidal volume, proximal pressure, and lung pressure demonstrate repeatability and accuracy exceeding human capabilities in BVM-based manual ventilation. Expand
Design of a Low-Cost Ventilator to Support Breathing for Patients with Respiratory Failure Arising from COVID-19
Two new, low cost, lightweight and simple pneumatic portable mechanical ventilator prototypes that offer minimal oxygen consumption were presented in support of treatment during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic of 2020, finding appropriate for all patients with difficulty breathing. Expand
Design and simulation of mechanical ventilator with self-inflating bag
A simplified mechanism of a mechanical ventilator with a BMV is proposed and designed for ventilation, which can be used for immediate medication with risk avoidance and simulated by using MATLAB for the tidal volume. Expand
Systematic Design, Control and Parametric Testing of an Automated Resuscitator Bag Mechanical Ventilator
The results show for the first time in literature that the design operates within the defined requirements, based on emergency government regulations, and can be used with different sizes of resuscitator bags and different positions of the flow sensor, which provides a sound basis for further development of a low-cost, portable mechanical ventilator for potential use in LMICs. Expand
Design and performance testing of a novel emergency ventilator for in-hospital use
A cost effective, safe, and easy to useventilator that can be rapidly manufactured to address ventilator shortages in a pandemic setting is described. Expand


Development of Field Portable Ventilator Systems for Domestic and Military Emergency Medical Response
Immediate, on-scene emergency medical response can reduce the number of fatalities sustained during military operations. Without medical support, injured soldiers must be transported over significantExpand
Chronic respiratory diseases in developing countries: the burden and strategies for prevention and management.
Recommendations for alleviating the burden of chronic respiratory diseases in developing countries are adapting guidelines to local contexts and ensuring their distribution; upgrading equipment at district level; purchasing high-quality drugs at low prices; routine training and supervision of health services personnel; and regular monitoring of performance. Expand
Mass medical evacuation: Hurricane Katrina and nursing experiences at the New Orleans airport.
  • K. Klein, N. Nagel
  • Medicine
  • Disaster management & response : DMR : an official publication of the Emergency Nurses Association
  • 2007
The experiences and solutions of nurses and other personnel from 3 Disaster Medical Assistance Teams assigned to the New Orleans airport responsible for perhaps the most massive patient assessment, stabilization, and evacuation operation in U.S. history are described. Expand
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