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Design and Implementation of Web-Based GPS-GPRS Vehicle Tracking System

  title={Design and Implementation of Web-Based GPS-GPRS Vehicle Tracking System},
  author={Dr. Khalifa Abboud Salim and Ibrahim Mohammed Idrees},
In this paper, an integrated cost effective webbased GPS-GPRS vehicle tracking system was designed and implemented. The system enables enterprises owners to view the present and past positions recorded of the target vehicle on Google Map through purpose designed web site. The current position of the vehicle was acquired by GPS device which is integrated in the target vehicle and the location coordinates are sent through GPRS service provided by the GSM network. The GPS data are sent using Get… 
Design and Implementation for Trucks Tracking System Using GPS Based on Semantic Web
This paper proposed design and implementation of trucks tracking system using GPS based on semantic web for vehicle tracking in real time. In-vehicle unit and a tracking server is used. The
A Smart real-time tracking system using GSM/GPRS technologies
This paper introduced an embedded system that designed and implemented for vehicle tracking based on an android application to reduce the data that sent from the embedded system in the vehicle to the cloud server via picking only necessary data from Global Position System GPS and decreasing the number of Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP request that transmitted to theCloud server by construing the transmission of information with the movement of vehicles.
Design of Real Time Vehicle Speed Measurement and Tracking System
Vehicle tracking systems, whose primary objective is to monitor the location of vehicles, is used in many areas in recent years due to technological developments. Many applications such as safety of
Cloud-Based Vehicle Tracking System
This system reduced data size that sent from in-vehicle device via selected only necessary data for tracking vehicle from NEMA sentences of GPS and reduced number of HTTP request that sent to remote server via constrain the transmission of information with the movement of vehicles will reduce the cost of expenses every month.
Designing vehicle tracking system - an open source approach
VERTIGUO (VEhiculaR TrackInG Using Opensource approach), a GPS,GSM and GPRS technology based vehicular tracking system, that is accurate, robust, flexible, economical and feature rich is presented.
GPS based bus tracking system
The major challenges in the public transport system is given and various approaches to intelligently manage it arediscussed to improve the accuracy.
GPS/GSM based Vehicle Tracking System
This paper aims to build the client server android based application for the efficient vehicle tracking with growing use of smart phones and popularity of GPS based applications.
Vehicle Anti-Theft Tracking System Based on Internet of Thing(IoT)
This project identifies auto theft by pinpointing the location of a vehicle with the aid of the wireless-module ESP 8266 and the GPS as well as GSM communication.
Taxicab Tracking System with Cloud Data Logging using the Internet of Things
A tracking system which can send key information via Short Message Service (SMS) to the dedicated receiver and the integration of this system in taxicabs can alleviate and can help solve the robbery cases.
A Vehicle Tracking System Using Greedy Forwarding Algorithms for Public Transportation in Urban Arterial
The vehicle tracking system developed as a component of an Advanced Public Transportation System to improve commuting in an urban arterial is efficient and accurate in distance and time information display with a minor delay and can be adopted universally.


Implementation of GSM based commercial automobile tracker using PIC 18F452 and development of Google Earth embedded monitoring software
The vehicle tracker system uses conventional GSM based communication to monitor the location of an automobile at a remote monitoring station and allow stopping the vehicle when required. The system
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The General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is currently being standardized by the European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI) to extend the services provided by the Global System for Mobile
The Use of Global System of Mobile Communication (GSM) Among University Students in Malaysia
Results from a multiple regression analysis shows that there is a significant relationship between age, monthly income/allowance of respondents, marital status and rate of calls made and received per day among University students in Malaysia.
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Location Based Services for Mobiles :Technologies and Standards
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