Design and Implementation of Home/Office Automation System based on Wireless Technologies

  title={Design and Implementation of Home/Office Automation System based on Wireless Technologies},
  author={Manasee Patil and S. R. N. Reddy},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Applications},
  • Manasee Patil, S. Reddy
  • Published 18 October 2013
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Computer Applications
automation is currently a new growing field in Science: The goal of this automation is controlling the house elements lights, fans, air conditioner in order to save energy and raise the quality of living. In this project in order to make life easier some smart home applications are designed. In this project Home/office automation is done using wireless technologies. System is developed with automatic door opening and closing, temperature monitoring, gas detection and light controlling. Door… Expand
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