Design and Implementation of HTML5 based SVM for Integrating Runtime of Smart Devices and Web Environments

  title={Design and Implementation of HTML5 based SVM for Integrating Runtime of Smart Devices and Web Environments},
  author={Yunsik Son and Seman Oh and Yangsun Lee},
  journal={International Journal of Smart Home},
Current mobile environments, smart device platforms and web based platform are emerged. The smart device platforms are represented by Apple’s iOS and Google's Android, and web based platform’s core is HTML5. Our previous researches are focused on integrating the developmental environments of smart devices and producing the same runtime environment. The Smart Cross Platform - our research result - guarantees content compatibility on various smart devices and supports multiple programming… 
Design and Implementation of the Debugger for Smart Cross Platform
A debugger for more effective support for the development of SVM applications was designed and implemented, a debug file format that can cover the diverse languages and execution environments supported by SVM was designed, assemblers and compilers were expanded based on the designeddebug file format, and debugging processes were shown.
A Study of the JavaScript Compiler and Symbol Table for the Smart Cross Platform
The JavaScript compiler and its symbol table structure for the SCP (Smart Cross Platform) to execute the JavaScript contents by the compilation method is introduced.
A Study on the Performance Enhancement Method for HTML5 Smart Virtual Machine using Offloading
This paper proposes an offloading method to solve the performance problem by the performance enhancement of the HTML5 SVM with cloud system using cloud server side execution on complexed and time consumed functions.
A Study on the JavaScript Compiler for Extension of the Smart Cross Platform
The JavaScript compiler for the SCP (Smart Cross Platform) is introduced to expand the SCP's coverage and support the new type of the programs such as web applications written by JavaScript.
Design and Implementation of a Native Interface for using Native Features on Smart Virtual Machine
The native interface proposed in the present paper consists of items and rules necessary for information transmission between virtual machine environments and native environments, interface definition files necessary to deliver information on native functions to virtual machines, and functions and data types necessary for native environment to receive information fromvirtual machine environments.
Design and implementation of an IoT-cloud converged virtual machine system
By solving the low-performance issues of IoT devices using cloud-based offloading, the proposed IoT-cloud VM can run applications that require high-performance computing even when the target hardware system is a low-power IoT device.
Offloading Method for Efficient Use of Local Computational Resources in Mobile Location-Based Services Using Clouds
A computation offloading technique that utilizes fog computing to improve the performance of VMs running on mobile devices is introduced and applied to smart devices with a smart VM (SVM) and HTML5 SVM to compare their performances.
A Study on the Native Interface for Smart Virtual Machine
The research about providing a native interface of Smart Virtual Machine (SVM) is presented and the operating mechanism of Java Native Interface (JNI), the interface generator, the interface definition language and so on to account for the native interface regulation are presented.
Automatic Optimizer Generation Method Based on Location and Context Information to Improve Mobile Services
This paper introduces a technique to automatically generate a customized service optimizer for each application, service type, and platform using location and situation information, and by using the proposed technique, energy and computing resources can be more efficiently employed for each service.
An Adaptive Offloading Method for an IoT-Cloud Converged Virtual Machine System Using a Hybrid Deep Neural Network
This study proposes a context management method and estimation method for CPU load using a hybrid deep neural network on a cloud-based offloading service that extracts contexts that require synchronization through static profiling and estimation and determines the optimal offloading time for low-computing-powered IoT devices and variable server performance.


Design and Implementation of the Smart Virtual Machine for Smart Cross Platform
The smart virtual machine is developed, which is built in smart cross platform based smart devices, unlike Android, iOS, Windows Phone devices being dependent of platforms, and helps to download and execute applications, being independent of platforms.
The Contents Execution Technique for the Web-based Smart Virtual Machine
A technique which allows previous SVM which operates on smart devices to op- erate on web environment is introduced, whichuses on the interpreter which is a method to execute the contents of the SVM.
A Study on the Smart Virtual Machine for Executing Virtual Machine Codes on Smart Platforms
The Smart Virtual Machine (SVM) based on the language independent intermediate language is a newly developed virtual machine solution which is aimed towards solving problems of smart device operation systems and devices.
Design and Implementation of the Smart Virtual Machine on iOS Platform for the Mobile Game Portability
In this paper, Smart Cross Platform's content execution component, Smart Virtual Machine based on an independent neutral language was designed and implemented to be run in iOS.
Virtual machines
One view is that the virtual machine operating system provides another example of a kernel API, in contrast to other kernel APIs, which exports as the kernel API the processor API (e.g., the x86 interface).
Context threading: a flexible and efficient dispatch technique for virtual machine interpreters
The dispatch technique, context threading, improves branch prediction and performance by aligning hardware and virtual machine state by converting virtual branching instructions to native branches, mobilizing the hardware's branch prediction resources.
International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization. CGO 2003
The following topics are dealt with: dynamic translation; profile-based optimizations; EPIC compilation; code scheduling; code optimization; dynamic adaptive compilation; and performance monitoring.
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