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Design and Implementation of Fast Locking and Harmonic Free in Multiphase Digital DLL – Robust to Process Variations

  title={Design and Implementation of Fast Locking and Harmonic Free in Multiphase Digital DLL – Robust to Process Variations},
  author={T. Karthik and V. Senthilkumar},
An ADMDLL(All Digital Multiphase Delay Locked Loop) with Harmonic free , Low power , Low Jitter and Immune to SSN features are presented. Harmonic Free and Immune to SSN of the proposed ADMDLL are achieved by implementing a Narrow-Wide Coarse Lock Detector (NWCLD) and Time to Digital Converter (TDC),which maintains the delay between reference clock and outgoing clock with in the suitable range along with the main Phase Frequency Detector (PFD) and also it monitors the coarse locking range… Expand


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An Ultra - Low Power HarmonicFree Multiphase DLL Usinga FrequencyEstimation Selector ” , 20 th VLSI Design / CAD Symposium
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