Design and Implement of Zigbee Network System Based on the Transpar- ent Transmission Mode

  • Zhengbing Zheng
  • Published 2015


Currently main short-range communication technologies which are used to build wireless sensor network implementations conclude Bluetooth, WIFI technology and ZigBee technology. Zigbee technology has advantages in transmission distance, node capacity, battery life, etc. And ZigBee protocol formulates the network layer and application layer standard on the basis of IEEE 802.15.4 physical layer and data link layer standards, ZigBee technology is considered to be the best solution for wireless sensor networks. Wireless sensor network applications based on ZigBee technology mainly takes use of ZigBee protocol to implementnet working and data transmission. In order to simplify the implementation of ZigBee technology, this article put forward a kind of ZigBee Network system based on the transparent transmission mode. The system uses ZigBee firmware module to build the hardware platform, implements the control and functions of ZigBee firmware module through interface RS232 and implements the data transparent transmission inside network.Experimental tests show that: the network has a lower packet loss rate based on ZigBee network transparent transmission mode, reasonable packet length helps to reduce power consumption and improve the system stability, meanwhile extend the life cycle of the system.

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