Design and Fabrication of a 1 THz Backward Wave Amplifier

  title={Design and Fabrication of a 1 THz Backward Wave Amplifier},
  author={Claudio Paoloni and Aldo Di Carlo and Francesca Brunetti and Mauro Mineo and Giacomo Ulisse and Alain Durand and Viktor Krozer and Mikko Kotiranta and Anna Maria Fiorello and Massimiliano Dispenza and Alberto Secchi and Vitaly Zhurbenko and Faycal Bouamrane and Thomas Bouvet and Stephan Megtert and Emanuela Tamburri and C. Cojocaru and Aurelien Gohier},
The THz frequency range represents a true challenge for designers, fabrication technologies and characterization systems. So far, huge technological obstacles have prohibited any system realization different from laboratory one. Furthermore, most of the applications in the THz frequency range require a level of power not achievable by optoelectronic devices at room temperature or by solid-state technology. The recent availability of three-dimensional simulators and high aspect ratio micro… CONTINUE READING