Design and Fabrication of Multi-Patch Elastic Geodesic Grid Structures

  title={Design and Fabrication of Multi-Patch Elastic Geodesic Grid Structures},
  author={Stefan Pillwein and Johanna Kubert and Florian Rist and Przemyslaw Musialski},
  journal={Comput. Graph.},
Elastic geodesic grids (EGG) are lightweight structures that can be deployed to approximate designer-provided free-form surfaces. Initially, the grids are perfectly flat, during deployment, a curved shape emerges, as grid elements bend and twist. Their layout is based on networks of geodesic curves and is found geometrically. Encoded in the planar grids is the intrinsic shape of the design surface. Such structures may serve purposes like free-form sub-structures, panels, sun and rain protectors… 
Generalized deployable elastic geodesic grids
This paper introduces a well-defined elastic grid energy functional that allows identifying networks of curves that minimize the bending energy and at the same time nestle to the provided input surface well and generalizes the concept of such grids to cases where the surface boundary does not need to be convex.


Design and Fabrication of Elastic Geodesic Grid Structures
The scalability of EGG-models is investigated, presenting a medium sized model designed by an architecture student without expert knowledge on elastic structures or differential geometry, just using the elastic geodesic grids design-pipeline.
On elastic geodesic grids and their planar to spatial deployment
This work proposes a solution based on networks of geodesic curves on target surfaces and introduces a set of conditions and assumptions which can be closely met in practice and provides an empirical proof by comparing the results to laser-scans of the fabricated models.
Beyond developable
A computational method for interactive 3D design and rationalization of surfaces via auxetic materials, i.e., flat flexible material that can stretch uniformly up to a certain extent, which can handle non-trivial topology and non-local dependencies inherent in auxetic material.
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Novel deployable structures based on two-dimensional rigid mechanical linkages that can approximate a large class of doubly-curved surfaces and are easily actuated from a flat initial state via inflation or gravitational loading are developed.
Design and construction of curved support structures with repetitive parameters
This work introduces a new discretization of these networks as quadrilateral meshes with spherical vertex stars and presents a computational workflow for the design of strained gridshells built entirely from straight or circular lamellas of the same radius and with orthogonal nodes.
X-Shell Pavilion: A Deployable Elastic Rod Structure
We present the X-Shell pavilion, a lightweight structure composed of elastic beam elements joined in a special layout that allows easy on-site deployment. The structure’s undeployed assembly
An optimization-based simulation framework building on a discrete rod model that robustly handles such difficult scenarios by analyzing and appropriately modifying the elastic energy Hessian is proposed, forming the basis of a computational design tool for X-shells.
Programming curvature using origami tessellations.
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Bending-active structures are able to efficiently produce complex curved shapes starting from flat panels. The desired deformation of the panels derives from the proper selection of their elastic