Design and Evaluation of Expressive Turn-Taking Hardware for a Telepresence Robot

  title={Design and Evaluation of Expressive Turn-Taking Hardware for a Telepresence Robot},
  author={Naomi T. Fitter and Youngseok Joung and Marton Demeter and Zijian Hu and M. Mataric},
  journal={2019 28th IEEE International Conference on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN)},
Although nonverbal expressive abilities are an essential element of human-to-human communication, telepresence robots support only select nonverbal behaviors. As a result, telepresence users can experience difficulties taking turns in conversation and using various cues to obtain the attention of others. To expand telepresence robot users’ abilities to hold the floor during conversation, this work proposes and evaluates new types of expressive telepresence robot hardware. The described within… Expand

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