Design and Development of Energy Measurement System based on the Android Platform

  title={Design and Development of Energy Measurement System based on the Android Platform},
  author={R. Dwivedi},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Applications},
  • R. Dwivedi
  • Published 2014
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Computer Applications
In late years, smart-devices became very popular. This paper presents an application of power monitoring system using android application, which is convenient and efficient to achieve visualization of real time signals that are received from smart meters via GSM module. This application can be used by the consumer for measurement of electrical usage in the house and control their power usages accordingly. In this the analog data is converted to digital data with the help of inbuilt ADC and… Expand
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Design and Implementation of Wireless Sensors and Android Based Application for Highly Efficient Aquaculture Management System
The application of wireless sensors and Android based application as mobile monitoring tool in achieving highly efficient shrimp aquaculture monitoring system and was able to reduce the operational electricity cost because of the automatic aeration feature. Expand


Mobile sensor data collector using Android smartphone
A system using an Android smartphone that collects, displays sensor data on the screen and streams to the central server simultaneously and is beneficial on body sensor networks (BSN) developed for medical healthcare applications is presented. Expand
An ubiquitous miniaturized android based ECG monitoring system
  • D. J. Harmah, D. Kathirvelu
  • Computer Science
  • 2013 IEEE International Conference ON Emerging Trends in Computing, Communication and Nanotechnology (ICECCN)
  • 2013
The experimental results show that the miniaturized ECG system designed and developed is clinically useful, compact, cost effective and user friendly. Expand
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Android based Body Area Network for the evaluation of medical parameters
Based on two different designs of a (Wireless) Body Area Network connected to an Android smartphone the Real-Time system features several capabilities: data acquisition in the (W)BAN plus the use of the smartphone sensors, patient localization, data storage, analysis and visualization on the smartphone, data transmission and emergency communication with first responders and a clinical server. Expand
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Droid Jacket: Using an Android based smartphone for team monitoring
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Power Consumption Breakdown on a Modern Laptop
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