Design and Characterization of Micro Thermoelectric Cross-Plane Generators With Electroplated ${\rm Bi}_{2}{\rm Te}_{3}$ , ${\rm Sb}_{x}{\rm Te}_{y}$ , and Reflow Soldering

  title={Design and Characterization of Micro Thermoelectric Cross-Plane Generators With Electroplated  \$\{\rm Bi\}_\{2\}\{\rm Te\}_\{3\}\$ ,  \$\{\rm Sb\}_\{x\}\{\rm Te\}_\{y\}\$ , and Reflow Soldering},
  author={Reinhard Roth and Raimar Rostek and Keith Cobry and Christian Kohler and Moritz Groh and Peter Woias},
  journal={Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems},
We demonstrate and discuss the fabrication of cross-plane microthermoelectric generators with electrochemically deposited thermoelectric materials. A new process based on two layers of photoresist is presented to deposit the legs on the final substrate. The n-type Bi<sub>2</sub>Te<sub>3</sub>, Cu, and p-type Sb<sub>x</sub>Te<sub>y</sub> are integrated into the generator. The deposition of antimony telluride is performed to the largest thickness reported to date. The influence of thermal… CONTINUE READING


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