Design and Analysis of the BlueGene / L Torus Interconnection Network

  title={Design and Analysis of the BlueGene / L Torus Interconnection Network},
  author={Matthias A. Blumrich and Dan Chen and Paul Coteus and Alan Gara and M. Giampapa and Philip Heidelberger and Samar Singh and Burkhard D. Steinmacher-Burow and Todd Takken and Pavlos Vranas},
BlueGene/L (BG/L) is a 64K (65,536) node scientific and engineering supercomputer that IBM is developing with partial funding from the United States Department of Energy. This paper describes one of the primary BG/L interconnection networks, a three dimensional torus. We describe a parallel performance simulator that was used extensively to help architect and design the torus network and present sample simulator performance studies that contributed to design decisions. In addition to such… CONTINUE READING

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