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Design and Analysis of X band Pyramidal Horn Antenna Using HFSS.

  title={Design and Analysis of X band Pyramidal Horn Antenna Using HFSS.},
  author={Arvind Roy and Isha Puri},
In the paper, the design of pyramidal horn antenna is described. The software used for designing purpose is Ansoft HFSS 12. Discussion about the antenna parameters obtained for the design is done. However, to obtain better results many more adjustment in the designs may be required. These adjustments may comprise more complex calculations and implementation techniques. Pyramidal horn can be designed in a variety of shapes in order to obtain enhanced gain and bandwidth. The designed Pyramidal… 

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يعتبر الهوائي البوقي القياسي من الهوائيات المهمة التي تستخدم في تقييس الهوائيات التي تعمل ضمن نطاق أو حزمة الترددات المايكروية إذ أن الهوائي القياسي يعتبر كمرجع لجميع الهوائيات العاملة ضمن نطاق



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