Design and Analysis of Playfair Ciphers with Different Matrix Sizes

  title={Design and Analysis of Playfair Ciphers with Different Matrix Sizes},
  author={Salman A. Khan},
  journal={International Journal of Computing},
  • S. Khan
  • Published 1 September 2015
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Computing
Playfair cipher is an interesting data encryption technique with a medium level of complexity, and therefore, is suitable for security of wireless and mobile systems. [] Key Result However, the size of the key does have a notable effect and the exntrypion level increases with big keys of bigger sizes. Furthermore, increasing the size of the matrix provides better encryption results.

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The proposed method plays a 9 X 9 matrix giving strength to Playfair cipher, and makes use of alphabets both lower and uppercase characters, number, and special characters for constructing the contents of the matrix.

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This work proposes a technique that enhances the security of play fair technique using rectangular and substitution matrix that uses 8*8 matrices that contain alphabets, integers and special symbols during transmission.

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In this paper, the presented PlayfairCBC encryption mechanism makes the cryptanalysis complex, and the encrypted text obtained is almost unreadable.

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This paper consists of three stages, the first stage includes encryption of text using playfair cipher of 9×6 matrix and continued with a XOR operation between the encrypted text and the encrypted key.

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This paper uses Friedman method analysis (index of coincidence) as a tool to test and prove the efficiency of KAJ Spiral method, and it is found that it is at least equally secure to the original PlayFair cipher.

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Optimization and analysis of the extended Playfair cipher

  • Shiv Shakti SrivastavaN. Gupta
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    2011 International Conference on Emerging Trends in Networks and Computer Communications (ETNCC)
  • 2011
This paper analyses the new proposed 8*8 Playfair cipher and finds out that the proposed cipher is a strong one through the avalanche effect.

A Novel Approach for Encryption of Text Messages Using PLAYFAIR Cipher 6 by 6 Matrix with Four Iteration Steps

To make the algorithm stronger here the authors use four iteration steps instead of one, and extend the matrix dimension 6 by 6, so that it can include numeric as well as I and J.

Universal Playfair Cipher Using MXN Matrix

The original 5x5 matrix play fair cipher is modified to mxn matrix playfair cipher in which two symbols”*” and “#” are included, which creates one-to-one correspondence between the plain text and the Cipher text, which makes the encryption and decryption easy and unambiguous.

A Novel Implementation of an Extended 8x8 Playfair Cipher Using Interweaving on DNA-encoded Data

  • S. Hamad
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • 2014
The proposed method showed a number of advantages including the ability to cipher any type of digital media, the elimination of plain-text preprocessing step, and the applicability to be integrated into larger security systems such as DNA steganography.

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A new approach for secure transmission of message by modified version of Playfair cipher combining with Random number generator methods, which rapidly increases security of the transmission over an unsecured channel.

Cryptography Playfair Cipher using Linear Feedback Shift Register

A new approach for secure transmission of message by modified version of Play fair cipher combining with Random number generator methods, which rapidly increases security of the transmission over an unsecured channel.

Security engineering - a guide to building dependable distributed systems (2. ed.)

In almost 600 pages of riveting detail, Ross Anderson warns us not to be seduced by the latest defensive technologies, never to underestimate human ingenuity, and always use common sense in defending valuables.

Breaking Short Playfair Ciphers with the Simulated Annealing Algorithm

Adaptation of simulated annealing to solve short playfair ciphers (80–120 letters) without using a probable word is described.