Design and Analysis of New Compact UWB Frequency Selective Surface and its Equivalent Circuit

  title={Design and Analysis of New Compact UWB Frequency Selective Surface and its Equivalent Circuit},
  author={N. Kushwaha and R. Kumar and R. R. Krishna and T. Oli},
  journal={Progress in Electromagnetics Research C},
A compact, low proflle, dual polarized, ultra wideband, frequency selective surface is proposed. It is designed by using two similar metallic array structures separated by dielectric material FR4. The simulated re∞ection bandwidth (with transmission < i20dB) for TE incident wave is 8GHz from 2.87GHz to 10.87GHz corresponds to 116%. The unit cell dimension and periodicity are of the order of 0:37‚ at the centre frequency. The overall thickness of the proposed FSS is 1.8mm. The proposed FSS has… Expand
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