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Design and Analysis of High Frequency InN Tunnel Transistors

  title={Design and Analysis of High Frequency InN Tunnel Transistors},
  author={Krishnendu Ghosh and Uttam Singisetti},
  journal={arXiv: Materials Science},
This work reports the design and analysis of an n-type tunneling field effect transistor based on InN. The tunneling current is evaluated from the fundamental principles of quantum mechanical tunneling and semiclassical carrier transport. We investigate the RF performance of the device. High transconductance of 2 mS/um and current gain cut-off frequency of around 460 GHz makes the device suitable for THz applications. A significant reduction in gate to drain capacitance is observed under… 
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The Generation of Random Numbers Using the Quantum Tunnel Effect in Transistors
The novelty of the paper is represented by using the tunnel FET as an entropy source and finding a suitable postprocessing model for a higher generation rate.


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