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Design a single-phase BLDC Motor and Finite-Element Analysis of Stator Slots Structure Effects on the Efficiency

  title={Design a single-phase BLDC Motor and Finite-Element Analysis of Stator Slots Structure Effects on the Efficiency},
  author={C. AbdolamirNekoubin},
In this paper effect of stator slots structure and switching angle on a cylindrical single-phase brushless direct current motor (BLDC) is analyzed. BLDC motor with three different structures for stator slots is designed by using RMxprt software and efficiency of BLDC motor for different structures in full-load condition has been presented. Then the BLDC motor in different conditions by using Maxwell 3D software is designed and with finite element method is analyzed electromagnetically. At the… Expand
Simulation Based Analysis of Outer Rotor Brushless DC Motor for Electric Vehicle Application
  • Yashu Verma, M. S. Manna
  • 2021 8th International Conference on Computing for Sustainable Global Development (INDIACom)
  • 2021
In the recent times BLDC motors have been gaining popularity in the field of electrical vehicles. This paper presents a simulation-based analysis of Permanent magnet BLDC motor having high slot andExpand
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Design of BLDC Based ISG for Aerial Application: Effect of Stator Slot Design Parameters on the Efficiency
The result shows that with optimized stator slot area maximum efficiency can be increased in both motoring as well as in generating mode. Expand
Electromagnetic simulations and performance analysis of two phase salient pole permanent magnet brushless DC motor
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Design and analysis of BLDC motor for aerospace application using FEM
A 3 phase 16 pole, 1500 rpm surface mounted inner rotor radial BLDC motor for aerospace industry is designed and analysed using the finite element method (FEM) to achieve high value of accuracy and efficiency. Expand
Design of optimal outer rotor brushless DC motor for minimum cogging torque
  • M. Nizam, H. T. Waloyo, Inayati
  • Mathematics
  • 2013 Joint International Conference on Rural Information & Communication Technology and Electric-Vehicle Technology (rICT & ICeV-T)
  • 2013
This paper presents the optimum design for outer rotor brushless dc motor. The purpose of the research was to obtain optimum design for the DC motor with low level cogging torque. First, theExpand
Endüstriyel Uygulamalarda Kullanılan Minyatür Fırçasız DA Motorların Tasarım Parametrelerinin Motor Performansına Etkisinin İncelenmesi
Motorlarin kullanilacagi alan ve sektore gore maliyet avantaji, proses kolayligi, yuksek hiz, verim ve cikis gucu beklentileri parametre seciminde onemlidir. Bu calismada endustrinin bircok alanindaExpand


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Radial and axial force calculation of BLDC motor with passive magnetic bearing
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A new type of induction machine with inner and outer double rotors
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Design and Analysis of a High-Speed Brushless DC Motor for Centrifugal Compressor
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Influence of design parameters on cogging torque in permanent magnet machines
  • Z. Zhu, D. Howe
  • 1997 IEEE International Electric Machines and Drives Conference Record
  • 1997
The influence of various design parameters on the cogging torque developed by permanent magnet machines is investigated. It is shown that the slot and pole number combination has a significant effectExpand
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