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Design a Compact Stepped Impedance Low-Pass Filter with Material Rogers_RT_Duroid6010 using ADS 2010_11 Software Simulation tool

  title={Design a Compact Stepped Impedance Low-Pass Filter with Material Rogers\_RT\_Duroid6010 using ADS 2010\_11 Software Simulation tool},
  author={Shilpi Gupta and R. K. Prasad},
This paper is an attempt of designing a compact ste pped impedance low pass filter using material Roger s_RT_Duroid6010 with dielectric constant, tangent loss and height of 10. 2, .0027 and 1.58mm respectively. This proposed me thod is highly effective for C frequency band. In this paper microstrip lines ar e rranged in such a way that the size of filter is effectively reduced by using an empirical expression. Radio Frequency (RF) filte rs operating in the microwave frequency range which is… Expand

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