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Design Space Exploration via Answer Set Programming Modulo Theories

  title={Design Space Exploration via Answer Set Programming Modulo Theories},
  author={Philipp Wanko},
  • P. Wanko
  • Published 7 May 2019
  • Computer Science
  • ArXiv
The design of embedded systems, that are ubiquitously used in mobile devices and cars, is becoming continuously more complex such that efficient system-level design methods are becoming crucial. My research aims at developing systems that help the designer express the complex design problem in a declarative way and explore the design space to obtain divers sets of solutions with desirable properties. To that end, we employ knowledge representation and reasoning capabilities of ASP in… 



Enhancing symbolic system synthesis through ASPmT with partial assignment evaluation

A novel ASP modulo Theories (ASPmT) system synthesis approach is proposed, which supports more sophisticated system models, tightly integrates the QF-IDL solving into the ASP solving, and makes use of partial assignment checking.

Exact multi-objective design space exploration using ASPmT

This paper presents a novel approach to a holistic system-level DSE based on ASPmT, and includes additional background theories that concurrently guarantee compliance with hard constraints and perform the simultaneous optimization of several design objectives.

Theory Solving Made Easy with Clingo 5

This work addresses the challenge with the fifth generation of the ASP system clingo and its grounding and solving components by equipping them with well-defined generic interfaces facilitating the manifold integration efforts.

Improving system level design space exploration by incorporating SAT-solvers into multi-objective evolutionary algorithms

This paper proposes a novel approach based on the combination of multi-objective evolutionary algorithms and SAT-solvers to overcome the drawbacks of heuristic optimization approaches in automatic design space exploration.

On leveraging approximations for exact system-level design space exploration: work-in-progress

This paper studies the utilization of approximations in the evaluation process integrated in an ASPmT-based DSE to identify bad solutions more quickly while still retaining the exact Pareto-front.

Symbolic System Synthesis Using Answer Set Programming

An automotive case-study illustrates that the proposed ASP-based system design approach is competitive for sparsely connected computing platforms, while it outperforms SAT-based approaches for dense Networks-on-Chip by an order of magnitude.

Supporting composition in symbolic system synthesis

  • Kai NeubauerC. HaubeltM. Glaß
  • Computer Science
    2016 International Conference on Embedded Computer Systems: Architectures, Modeling and Simulation (SAMOS)
  • 2016
This paper proposes a novel top-down system synthesis approach with additional support for the composition of subsystems that is based on the use of hierarchical mapping edges and a list-based scheduling algorithm using distributed priority queues.

Clingo goes linear constraints over reals and integers*

This work introduces extensions to clingo with difference and linear constraints over integers and reals, respectively, and realizes them in complementary ways.

Computing Diverse Optimal Stable Models

A comprehensive framework for computing diverse (or similar) solutions to logic programs with preferences that provides a wide spectrum of complete and incomplete methods for solving this task by integrating and automating several basic ASP techniques.