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Design & Optimization of Stepped Impedance Low Pass Filter using ADS Simulation tool at 5 GHz

  title={Design \& Optimization of Stepped Impedance Low Pass Filter using ADS Simulation tool at 5 GHz},
  author={Shilpi Gupta and Pooja Rani and R. K. Prasad},
This paper presents a microstrip stepped impedance low pass filter with low insertion loss and wide pass band. Microstrip filters are used widely to fulfill demands for microwave systems and to solve the emerging telecommunication challenges in terms of performance, size and cost. Radio Frequency (RF) filters operating in the microwave frequency range which are needed for applications like radar and satellite communications while the C band is used for long-distance radio telecommunications… Expand
The objective of this paper is to design bandpass filter suitable with center at 2.5 GHz currently being used for Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) receiver, designed and simulated using ADS (Advanced Design System) software. Expand
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Microwave engineering
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A brief history of microwave engineering is given. The impact of computer-aided design and monolithic microwave integrated circuits on microwave design is examined. The career potential of microwaveExpand
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